Service Opportunities

From our corrections chair, we looking for folk to get involved with corrections service work by writing to inmates, visiting inmates/going to inside meetings or by helping members who have just been released back into our district. (Right now there is large need for men to correspond with males who are locked up in the United States.) To volunteer call Eric at 1-306-715-2278. For more information check out:

The Treatment Committee is looking for volunteers to help with the Bridging the Gap program. This program helps people who are just coming out of addiction treatment centers connect with the local A.A. community. Simply, you would help the newcomer attend A.A. meetings during their first week out of treatment. If you are interested either come out to the Treatment Committee Meeting or contact the committee chair at

Our newsletter editor is looking for stories of sobriety that align with this years theme, “The Promises.” If you have had one or more come true it would be great if you shared this with us in a story. However anything from the heart will always be the right story. Please let others, that might not have read this, know that we are looking for stories. You can contact her via email at

The Telephone Answering Services committee is looking for volunteers. When someone calls our 24 hour help line, the answering service connects the caller with someone in A.A. The service has a list of A.A. members, their phone numbers, location and gender. The service tries to match the location of the caller and the gender of the caller with A.A. volunteers on their list.  To volunteer or find out more, email the TAS committee chairperson at

Download the A.A. service manual by clicking here.